Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

To succeed in being a brand that continuous in remaining as a leader in logistics sector by means of non-stop innovation and steady growth.

Our Mission:

Providing our clients logistics services and solutions that exclusively integrated in a consistent and ambitious way by utilizing technology in an efficient, above expectations, environmentally-friendly way.
While practicing this, we stand a nice relationship with shareholders ai med to save determined service approaches.

Our Values:
Customer Oriented Approach: To anticipate and meet present and future expectations of client According to “win-win” philosophy.

Learning and Development: To provide continuous development by obtaining knowledge and to let this knowledge assist our behavior in a positive way.

Employee Satisfaction: To offer more than the expectations of our employees. With aiming to provide social contact, increasing social sharing among employees and ensuring mutual respect.

Team Spirit: Solving problems and sharing the success together.

Respecting the Environment and Society: Be responsible to expectations of society and to be sensitive to protection of environment.

Reliability: To keep promises given to shareholders, be honest and respect ethical values.

Developing Cooperation: To work and ensure mutual development of partnerships developed with suppliers, agencies, non-governmental organizations etc. according to “win-win” philosophy

Taking Responsibility: Even in challenging tasks, being a part of it, by pushing limits of our knowledge and skills.

Brief History

1970: We started to give local service of transportation to the cities of Hatay, Istanbul, Ankara by truck.

1991:BAKIMCI established. It offers Frigo Transportation to Middle East and European countries for long years.

1993: C2 certification has been earned.

1995:First investment in tented vehicle has been made.

1998:BAKIMCI Logistics brunch office has established in Sudan. Vehicle investment has been made in Sudan.

1999:BAKIMCI Logistics brunch office has established in Istanbul. Frigo and Tented Vehicle leadership has gained in Europe.

2004:BAKIMCI Logistics has got an important status with its wide network and fleet for Turkey-UK Line.

2010:Bonded warehouse, storage and vehicle investment has been started. Sea and air services have opened.

2014:Our goal is to be one of the biggest international transportation companies in our country.