Our adventure started in 1970 leading us to find solutions to every subject in Road Freight and aiming to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Bakımcı Logistics does fast, safe and quality road freight in both imports and exports. BAKIMCI LOGISTICS offers imports and exports, partial and complete service to lots of points in the Europe; particularly to UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, France and Spain. With weekly run, it takes your freight from wherever you desired and transport them to address you requested. Having said that with our Frigo and Tented vehicles, it is your business partner to the connections with Turkic Republics, particularly Middle Eastern countries.

Our Main Highway Operations:

Partial transportation to UK, Germany, France and Spain
Partial transportation from UK, Germany, France and Spain to Turkey
Complete transportation from European countries to Turkey
Transit transportation from European countries to Middle East – Turkic Republics – Cyprus
Transportation from Turkey to Saudi Arabia being in the first place, Jordan, Dubai-Bahrain-Syria-Kuwait-Amman.

Our Transportation Models:

Bakımcı Logistics gives services in road freight, RORO-Road Freight and Intermodal transportation models considering criteria such as time, tonnage and product feature.


Road transportation is a simple transportation model. It is based on the principal that transporting products from Turkey on highways to our storages and delivering them to aimed locations on highways, again. With the same way it makes possible to gather products from all over the Europe to transshipment centers at importing progress and then consolidate and delivers products to related points in Turkey.

RoRo ve Karayolu

RoRo-Karayolu / Deniz ve Karayolu olmak üzere iki farklı taşıma yolu kullanılmaktadır. Avrupa otoyollarında tonaj kısıtlarıyla ilgili uygulamalar nedeniyle, yüksek tonajlı ürünler için alternatif bir taşımacılık modelidir.
Ürünlerin İstanbul, İzmir ve Mersin limanlarından Ro-Ro ile Trieste Limanı’na taşınması, buradan da karayoluyla ilgili noktalara teslim edilmesi esasına dayanmaktadır.

İthalat sürecinde de ürünlerin karayoluyla Trieste ve Toulon Limanı’na getirilmesine, konsolide edilerek Ro-Ro’yla hedeflenen limanlara ulaştırılmasına olanak sağlayan bir modeldir.

Refrigerated Transportation

Bakımcı Logistics, including nourishmen and pharmaceutical industry in particular, has the platform to service the demand of its customers to cold chain services. Transportation is provided for both partial and complete shipment of customers, the temperature that may need to be between 2 – 8 C° and controlled environment (15 – 25 C°). With our refrigerated vehicles equipped with the latest technological products, we response our customers demands as soon as possible.

Some of the products that we transport:
-Vegetables and Fruits
-Frozen Food Products
-Dairy Products
-Transportation of Chemical Materials Inc. ADR