Work Opportunities and Internship Applications

The aim of the recruitment process is to find the right person for the proper position in accordance with our company’s strategy.
Our family that is able to use and follow the high-tech of age, is aware of the fact that education is a life long process, is also able to take responsibility, is dynamic and strong minded, is growing as time pass.

You might be a part of our family!

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Human Resources

Our employment policy is to find indiscriminately right people regardless of religion, language, rationality, and whether one is disable or not. And also it is to increase employees pleasant, and to keep their involvement of our company high, and by providing an atmosphere to develop themselves better, help them involving in decision making.

As Bakımcı Logistics, we consider our employees as the most valuable source of our company. With our fast-developing company that is open to change and learn, we try different things to get our employees skilled.

As Bakımcı Logistics, our goal is:
For those who apply to us;
We bring together them with the most suitable positions to gain full performance for them.

Our workers;
Our customer representatives make you feel that they are very close to you like they work with you in the same place. We employ people having strong communication skills and those are highly educated, as our business sector requires. Our experienced personnel have high concentration and motivation in intense daily workflow.

From our garage staff to warehouse employees, our drivers to field personnel; our workers have been educating and developing themselves.